Why Pick a Miele Wine Storage Unit?

Declare your wine storage unit an area of enjoyment for wine connoisseurs. Prepare fine wines professionally for decanting. Enjoy champagne and white wine from chilled glasses. Drink perfectly conditioned wine even from opened bottles. Miele offers optimum storage space for your fine wines – with several features to enhance the profiles of your collection and provide convenience for you. Miele wine units are not just professional equipment for wine connoisseurs, but are also a prestigious designer piece for your home.

The impressive appearance of Miele appliances gives you an idea of the precision and devotion that was applied when selecting and working the materials. The inimitable appearance reflects the extreme attention to detail. Miele has unique interior features that leave nothing to be desired and fit in with the most modern homes. Horizontal lines emphasize the puristic design, while smooth, white lacquered side panels inside the appliance are easy to clean and contribute to perfect, glare-free illumination.

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Miele Wine Storage Units in Modern Kitchen

Miele Wine Storage Unit Features

Temperature zones

Miele wine units are fitted with up to three temperature zones which can be controlled separately. Up to three different types of wine such as red wine, white wine, champagne or sparkling wine, can be stored at the same time and under perfect conditions. A blower circulates the cold air to ensure uniform temperature and humidity throughout the entire unit. This ensures constant and perfect storage conditions for your wine. Humidity levels of around 70 % also prevent corks from drying out.

Selector bottle presenter

The selector allows you to present the highlights of your wine collection. The bottles appear slightly raised in the soft light of your wine unit. An effective presentation of exceptional wines.

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FlexiFrame with NoteBoard

This FlexiFrame feature allows for you to hold your wine bottles of all sizes securely. Each bottle rack has a label which you can annotate with chalk for a quick overview of your wines: Here you can note the origin, grape variety or vintage, for example. The NoteBoards are magnetic and can be removed from the shelves for writing on. The adjustable bottle racks hold every size of bottle securely. The individual slats can be moved easily to suit every bottle shape. Your wine is always stored in the optimum position.


UV Protection and LED lighting

Beautiful and protects precious wines

UV rays can cause chemical reactions in wines. Miele glass doors are made of tinted safety glass with integrated UV filter. Your wine is stored with optimum protection from UV rays. All Miele wine coolers have UV lighting, see what appliances Hanskrug has to offer for your modern home.

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Handle-less Design and Soft Closing

Miele under-counter wine units with the Push2open door open as if by themselves. The opening system is activated by light pressure on the glass door. The door opens gently and allows you to reach inside and open it completely. Miele wine units with Push2open do not need handles and can be optimally flush-mounteted and integrated into every kitchen and living environment. Wine unit doors that close quietly and virtually on their own: With Soft Open/Soft Close, the innovative closing system from Miele. “At an angle of less than 30º, the door closes automatically.” With Soft Open/Soft Close, the doors close softly – no more clinking bottles.

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