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Cooktops are always the focal point of the kitchen, whether on an island or integrated into a run of units. Miele offers the Rangetops in two different sizes to help you design your personal kitchen environment. Miele range tops are consistently one of the best rated and most durable range tops on the market. One of the only brands to offer a dual convection range top, Miele excels in creating a kitchen that our customers are proud to represent in their home. With their stainless steel finishes and heavy duty construction, Miele appliances are used world wide with interior designers and home owners.

Miele Range Tops

Benefits of a Miele Range

Easy to Clean Grates

When it’s time for clean-up, simply place the dishwasher-safe grates in your dishwasher. This makes for a family friendly environment, and it becomes no problem when you have a large meal or a messy member of the family who is preparing meals.

Beautiful Stainless Steel Front

This innovative finish resists fingerprints, scratches and smudges. Miele range tops have a special treatment applied to the surface of their appliances, which stands up to aggressive handling. this treatment allows for a much cleaner exterior and keeps your kitchen looking immaculate and easy to maintain. Along with easy maintenance and fingerprint-proof exteriors, Miele has exceptional design aesthetic.

The build quality on this Miele is one of the best of the group with not a sharp or unfinished edge to be found anywhere, with beautifully crafted steel knobs. – Anthony Rocco-

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Continuous Simmer

Achieving the perfect temperature and even heat for simmering is easy with Miele TrueSimmer function. Whether you are melting chocolate or thickening a sauce, this feature offers precise results.

Convenient Temperature Knobs

This elegant design feature is not only a useful visual cue for a burner-in-use, but also a design element that sets Miele apart – and with QuickStart, there’s no need to press or hold the control in order to switch the burners on.

Additional Grill Plates

Miele range tops boast an infrared cast iron rack, which allows for even heat distribution. This makes sure that no matter what you are cooking, whether it be steaks on the drill or pancakes on Sunday morning, you will be able to make high quality food with your highest quality range top.

Whether it’s for your family home, the local foodie, or a master chef, a Miele range top stove is the perfect appliance for any kitchen.

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