Benefits of a Miele Mastercool Refrigerator

Mastercool Refrigerator

What is MasterCool?

Everyone knows the low-key misery of a humid 80°F afternoon. It is not hot enough to really complain about it, but there is a slight dampness that is uncomforting. The moisture in the air has a huge effect on any living items that reacts to its environments air, and your food is no different. Evaporative cooling, which is the basis for MasterCool technology in Miele MasterCool refrigerators, is a complicated reaction dependent upon air flow, temperature, and the amount of water that already exists in the air.

Evaporative cooling can work almost anywhere. Evaporative cooling was very popular in the Early American Southwest, when people would dip sheer drapes in water and hang them in front of an open window. The warm dry desert breeze would blow through an open window, passing through the damp drapes and drop the air temperature to cool the space. This same concept has recently been employed in Miele fridges, allowing for adequate cooling regardless of the outdoor environment. Although evaporative cooling fridges are slightly more on the market, they have an enormous impact on the freshness of your produce, the overall health of the food and other items you store in your fridge, and can save you energy and money in its functionality.

OtherMiele High-End Refrigerator Features

Intuitive Operation

Miele appliances are becoming smarter as we exist in this high-tech world. Miele has grown with this trend, and the Miele Mastercool Refrigerators now feature an automatic warning signal when the door is left open (so that your fridge does not get too warm and ruin your produce) and a remote wifi connection that is available so that you can include your Miele fridge into your smart home’s function! These features are great because they can be monitored by Miele; It is almost like a mechanic calling you to say you need car maintenance before you even take it into the shop. Other operational features that these fridges have are:

  • SmartFresh
    • Thanks to the SmartFresh zone, many types of fruits and vegetables, meat, fish and milk products remain fresh for considerably longer than in conventional refrigerators.
  • RapidCool
    • For fast cooling and freezing, RapidCool™ loading is ideal for large quantities of food, extra cold drinks, or gentle freezing.
  • Dual Compressor System
    • A dedicated cooling system is responsible for each compartment, guaranteeing the refrigerator and freezer, even if they are housed together, do not exchange air.


Our refrigerators have many convenient features as well, including extra bright lighting, NoFrost intelligence (to keep that pesky ice formation off of your beautiful new refrigerator), metal door compartments that easily lock into place, and wifi compatibility as mentioned above.


Why A Miele MasterCool

Miele time after time offers exquisite refrigerator offers that are have true commercial-grade performance and modern, good looking designs to match. These refrigerators are constantly fighting with trends and making it a high-priority to stay current in this go-go-go market. From the revolutionary RemoteVision system to the ClearView lighting scheme, there is so much to love with this refrigerator. Budding culinary enthusiasts, socialites, and modern families will hover around the kitchen thanks to the elegant yet purpose-built design. We can’t guarantee your fridge won’t have more late night visitors with how fresh your food will stay.

For more than 100 years it has been a proven adage that you can trust Miele and rely on our appliances. Our customers around the world remain loyal to Miele. It’s hard not to love one of their appliances; their horizontal lines emphasize their modern and simplistic design. The smooth, white side panels inside the appliance are easy to clean and contribute to perfect, glare-free illumination.

What Customers Say About Miele Mastercool products:

The best refrigerator we’ve ever owned!

We have the all refrigerator version of this appliance and its the best so far. We’ve had Sub Zero and GE Monogram and they can’t compare. Food, especially fresh produce stays fresher longer than in any other refrigerator we’ve ever owned. The interior is clean and well lit, plenty of space to all manner of foods. Best of all is Miele’s installation team, they came, protected the floors, installed the appliance perfectly and left leaving no detritus behind. I have Miele appliances and while yes they are expensive I think they worth it in the long haul.

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Miele Mastercool Refrigerator


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