Why Choose a Slimline Fully-Integrated Dishwasher?

Miele Slimlines Are Built for Size & Design

Miele Slimline dishwasher

When talking about dishwasher size, no one company holds an advantage over one another except for Miele, who has something a little extra special to offer. Miele dishwashers come in both sizes that are compatible with common American dishwasher measurements, but they also come with a more compact size, known as the slimline fully-integrated dishwasher.

This more compact size has made us all fall in love, coming in an 18″ size compared to the standard 24″ inches. This sizing makes these dishwashers perfect for your home bar, additional kitchens, and more compact kitchens where space is most definitely a concern.


Due to European specifications give, most Miele dishwashers are approximately a 1/3″ of an inch smaller than the standards sizing, making them more easily able to fit into those tight, custom spaces that everyone loves with there modern kitchens nowadays. All Miele dishwashers come with patented 3D cutlery trays, Ecotech heat reservoirs, Knock2Open features, Brilliant Light lighting for the inner functionality of your dishwasher, and patented autoOpen drying technology. The Slimline Miele dishwashers are a perfect solution to your kitchen space issue, without compromising on style or quality. Miele continues to manufacture high-quality, superbly functional products and improves with every new line release.

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Futura Dimension SlimLine Fully-Integrated Dishwasher

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