Miele H6560B Manual Clean 24″ ContourLine Convection Oven in CTS


A sophisticated 24″ Convection Oven with SensorTronic controls, 18 modes, and over 100 MasterChef automatic programs

  • Convenience: MasterChef automatic programs/MasterChef Plus, Timer Function and Save Favorite Dishes
  • Efficiency and Sustainability: Residual Heat Utilization and Energy Efficiency
  • Maintenance: CleanTouch Steel Front, AirClean Catalyzer, Self Clean, and CleanGlass Door
  • Operating modes include: Gentle Bake, Convection Bake, Maxi Broil, Broil and Convection Broil
  • Rapid PreHeat and MasterChef Automatic Programs
  • Safety: Cooling system with cool-touch front and Safety Functions
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H6560B 60cm ContourLine Convection Oven in CTS

A sophisticated 24″ Manual-Clean Convection Oven with SensorTronic controls, 18 modes, and over 100 MasterChef automatic programs

  • SensorTronic: User friendly text display with touch operation
  • Automatic Programs: Easy way to perfect results
  • Easy to clean PerfectClean finish
  • Precise temperature roasting
  • Plenty of room and versatility



24″ (60cm) ContourLine SensorTronic Convection Oven
A clear display and SensorTronic controls lead to easy-to-use cooking operations that can accommodate all types of foods and cuisines. The convection fan can work with a variety of heating combinations to create delicious roasts, perfect baked goods, and sizzling broiled delights. The temperature probe is handy for accurately monitoring the core temperature of meats so you can end with the perfect finish to your dish each time. The oven’s MasterChef programs have been specifically designed to automatically set the oven to appropriate cooking conditions depending on the dish being prepared. Once all is done, the PerfectClean finish to the interior and cooking accessories make cleaning as simple as wiping away messes with soapy water and a cloth. The self-clean model makes cleaning that much easier. A pleasing finishing touch to the oven is its ComfortSwivel handle which moves with the motion of your wrist, creating a more ergonomic feel when opening and closing the oven door.

Miele Philosophy
Miele is a German manufacturer of high quality domestic appliances and machines for commercial applications. The company was founded over 110 years ago in 1899 by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann and has always been a family-owned, family-run company.  Miele aims to manufacture the highest-quality domestic appliances and commercial equipment in the world and to be seen by markets worldwide as providing an absolutely top-class household product.


  • Specifications Sheet – ContourLine 60cm Convection Oven H 6560 B
  • Design: ContourLine and ComfortSwivel Handle
  • Controls: SensorTronic
  • Precise Electronic Temperature Control; 85-570°F
  • Convenience Features: Roast Probe
  • Favorites: 20
  • CleanGlass door and Door Contact Switch
  • Number of shelves: 5
  • Dimensions: 23 7/16″ x 23 7/16″ x 22 3/8″
  • Electrical Requirements: 208/240V, 60 Hz, 20 Amps
  • Power Cord: Yes, NEMA 14-30 Plug
  • Shipping Weight: 110 lbs


  • SensorTronic Controls
  • MasterChef
  • Temperature Probe
  • PerfectClean Finish
  • ComfortSwivel handle moves with the motion of your wrist
  • Store 20 settings for your favorite recipes
  • Kitchen prep: defrosting, proofing, dehydrating
  • Over 35% larger cavity than Generation 4000
  • Rapid PreHeat
  • CleanGlass Door
  • Sabbath mode

Additional information

Weight 110 lbs
Dimensions 22.375 × 23.4375 × 23.4375 in


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