Miele H6580BP 30″ SensorTronic ContourLine Convection Oven in CTS


A sophisticated 30″ Convection Oven with SensorTronic controls, 18 modes, and over 100 MasterChef automatic programs

  • Convenience: MasterChef Automatic Programs/masterChef Plu, Favorites, and Timer Function
  • Efficiency and Sustainability: Residual Heat Utilization
  • Maintenance: CleanTouch Steel Front, AirClean Catalyzer, Self Clean, and CleanGlass Door
  • Operating modes include:
    • Defrost, Auto Roast, Gentle Bake,
    • Maxi Broil, Broil, Convection Bake,
    • Intensive, Slow Roasting, Surround,
    • Browning, Bake, Convection Broil,
    • Rapid Pre-Heat, MasterChef Automatic Programs
    • Special Modes, Favorites, Sabbath Program
  • Safety: Cooling system with cool-touch front and Safety Functions
  • Special Features: Electronic Temperature Control. Roast Probe, Special Modes
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H6580BP 30″ ContourLine Convection Oven in CTS

A sophisticated 30″ Convection Oven with SensorTronic controls, 18 Modes and over 100 MasterChef automatic programs

  • User friendly text display with touch operation with SensorTronic
  • Includes MasterChef Automatic Programs
  • Has Miele SelfClean for easy cleaning
  • FlexiClip fully telescopic runners
  • Ample space and versatility


Miele’s Convection Oven

The Miele convection oven includes three distinctive control options: the Miele EasyControl DirectSelect, SensorTronic and M Touch TFT user interface.  These functions provide a simple version of the Miele convection oven, while the SensorTronic controls allow increased flexibility. The new Miele M Touch TFT user interface is simple and intuitive to navigate and provides seamless integration between user interfaces also allows different interfaces to be combined within one kitchen.

Miele Philosophy
Miele is a German manufacturer of high quality domestic appliances and machines for commercial applications. The company was founded over 110 years ago in 1899 by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann and has always been a family-owned, family-run company.  Miele aims to manufacture the highest-quality domestic appliances and commercial equipment in the world and to be seen by markets worldwide as providing an absolutely top-class household product.


  • Specifications Sheet – ContourLine 30” Convection Oven H 6580 BP
  • Design: ContourLine and ComfortSwivel Handle
  • Controls: SensorTronic
  • Precise Electronic Temperature Control; 85-570°F
  • Roast Probe
  • Favorites: 20
  • Individual Settings
  • CleanGlass door and Door Contact Switch
  • Soft open and close
  • TwinPower Convection fans
  • Number of shelves: 6
  • Dimensions: 29 13/16″ x 28 5/8″ x 24 5/8″
  • Electrical Requirements: 208/240V, 60 Hz, 30 Amps
  • Power Cord: Yes, NEMA 14-30 Plug
  • Shipping Weight: 216 lbs


  • ContourLine Design with ComfortSwivel Handle
  • SensorTronic Controls
  • Pyrolytic Cleaning (Self-Clean)
    • Makes tiresome scouring and abrasive cleaners a thing of the past.
    • The Pyrolytic function automatically cleans the soiled oven cavity at very high temperatures.
    • This self-cleaning program reduces food residue to ash which can simply be wiped away.
  • CleanGlass Door
  • Roast/Food Probe
  • MasterChef Menu
  • 3 Self-clean ready PerfectClean wire racks

Additional information

Weight 216 lbs
Dimensions 24.625 × 29.8125 × 28.625 in


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