Miele PG8130i Commercial Dishwasher – 208-240v 60hz


Miele PG8130i Commercial Grade Dishwasher for the Home, 208/240V 

  • Short Cycle Time under 25min, High Temperature Wash/Dry 86 – 185F
  • Super Quiet at 49 dB, Energy Star
  • 9 Programs, Sanitize Cycle, 13-Place Settings
  • ADA Compliant 32 – 34 2/3″ Adjustable Height, Standard Width and Depth at 23 5/8″
  • Water Softener to Prevent Water Spots, Circulation Pump
  • Freshwater Wash System (does not reuse water from previous cycle)
  • Not NSF certified pls check out Miele PG8061 for NSF certification
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Miele PG808i2N Commercial Grade Dishwasher for the Home, 208/240V

Miele PG808i2N Commercial Grade Dishwasher for the Home, 208/240V 
  • Wash performance: 13 place settings in just 57 minutes
  • Simple to operate thanks to clear fascia panel design
  • Everything completely dry – patented AutoOpen drying
  • The best care for your glasses – Perfect GlassCare
  • Convenient salt replenishment – patented in-door salt container


In many homes and offices it is imperative to get quick results to refresh the dishes. However, you also want to make sure that your dishes get cleaned throughly and sanitized that the same time. Looks and quietness of the dishwasher is equally important in many settings. Miele’s commercial grade dishwasher are a perfect fit in standard openings, their heights are adjustable from 32″ to 34 2/3″ and this Energy Star unit comes in 208/240V to allow for trouble free installation.

This dishwasher has a built in water softening system to eliminate calcium residue on dishes especially in hard water areas. Many commercial grade dishwashers reuse water from previous cycles in order to shave time off the new cycles. Miele takes a conservative approach in this matter and prides itself using fresh water and still keeping the cycle at 24 minutes. (please note that 220V dishwashers virtually guarantee the 24 minutes cycle time while 120V dishwashers connected to hot water with moderately soiled dishes will get you the fastest results. According to our tests even the 120V dishwashers don’t exceed 40 minutes to complete a cycle.) You will also love the auto open feature of this dishwasher to let fresh air in when cycle is done. This feature is an additional help in drying and keeping away any musty smells


  • Programs: 9
    ProSpeed (65°C – 149°F): Yes
    Sanitize (85°C – 185°F): Yes
    Universal (65°C – 149°F): Yes
    Pots and Pans (75°C – 167°F): Yes
    Beer Glasses (50°C – 122°F): Yes
    China and Crystal (50°C – 122°F): Yes
    Cold Rinse: Yes
    Normal (49.5°C – 122°F)
    Plastics (60°C – 140°F): Yes
    Circulation Pump: Yes
    Coarse Filter: Yes
    Drying System: Turbothermic
    Filter System In Inlet: Yes
    Freshwater Wash System:Yes
    Height-Adjustable Upper Basket: Yes
    Hygienic Cleaning: Yes
    Micro-Fine Filter: Yes
    Water Softener: Yes
    Capacity: 13 Place Settings
    3 Compartment Leaching Filtration: Yes
    “Time Left” Display: Yes
    24-Hour Delay Start: Yes
    Control with Single-Row Display: Yes
    Modifiable Program Parameters: Yes
    Operator and Fault Messages: Yes
    Program Selection Button: Yes
    Program Step Indicator: Yes
    Refill Message For Salt and Rinse Aid; Yes
    Start Button: Yes
    Update Function: Yes
    Cable and Plug: NEMA 5-15P, NEMA 14-30P
    Electrical Connection: AC 120V 60Hz, 2N AC 208V – 240V 60Hz
    Nose Emission: 49 dBA
    Required Breaker: 15 Amps, 30 Amps
    Testing and Identification Tag: CE/VDE/DVGW
    Total Rated Load: 1.3 kW, 5.0 kW
    Water Connection: 1 Cold- or Hot-Water Up To 60°C, Drain Pump, DN 22 Drain Hose


  • Targeted Audience
    • Offices, community kitchens or nursing homes.
  • Performance Criteria
    • Shortest program time.
    • 23 min for hot water 55CC (240V connection).
    • 45 min for hot water 55CC (120V connection).
    • Maximum of 5 wash cycles per day recommended.
    • Basket fitting for dishes, 13 place settings.
  • Basket Configuration
    • 1 upper basket for cups, saucers and glasses.
    • Foldable “spiked” row for bowls and casserole dishes.
    • 1 lower basket for plates with maximum diameter of 350mm.
    • 2 height-adjustable cup holders for tall glasses.
    • Foldable bottle holder.
    • Cutlery tray.
  • Design Type
    • Under counter design/integrated.
    • Straight CleanSteel fascia panel, 2-wall construction for heat and noise insulation.
  • Exterior Cover
    • Galvanized side walls.
  • Wash Technique
    • Freshwater wash system.
    • Hygienic cleaning via water exchange after every cleaning and rinsing step.
    • 2 levels (upper/lower), height-adjustable upper basket, circulation pump [Qmax I/min]: 190.
    • 3 compartment leaching filtration: coarse filter, Micro-fine filter and filter system in inlet.
    • Drying system: Turbothermic.
  • Water Softener
    • General softening up to 36CdH, user-tailored salt consumption.
  • Programs
    • Programs: 9.
    • ProSpeed (65CC – 149CF)
    • Universal (65CC – 149CF)
    • Pots and Pans (75CC – 167CF)
    • China and Crystal (50CC – 122CF)
    • Beer Glasses (50CC – 122CF)
    • Sanitize (85CC – 185CF)
    • Normal (49.5CC – 122CF)
    • Plastics (60CC – 140CF)
    • Cold Rinse
  • Control Mode
    • Control with single-row display.
    • Program selection button.
    • Start button.
    • Program step indicator.
    • Update function.
    • 24-hour delay start.
    • “Time Left” display.
    • Modifiable program parameters.
    • Refill message for salt and rinse aid.
    • Operator and fault messages.
  • Supplementary Equipment
    • Salt container in door.
    • AutoClose.
    • AutoOpen.
    • PerfectGlassCare.
    • Child safety lock.
    • Spray-arm monitoring.
    • Waterproof System for preventing water damage.
    • Available at Designer Appliances.
    • www.Designer Appliances.com

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Weight 130 lbs
Dimensions 22.89 × 23.5625 × 32.10 in


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